Archived Letter – 497

I’m compelled to write this letter after a gruesome discovery on Saturday March 16. We were walking on one of our daily outings, we came upon the smell of a skunk at Sideroad 30 and 7th Line in Eramosa township. No sign of animal hit, we found the animal in the ditch with an empty dish of food bludgeoned to death. To the individual that could do such a heinous act, you live in a beautiful area where these animals live to. They are not out to get you, they are trying to survive just like you. Has the rest of the world moved on and you got left behind? I encourage you to do your research. They don’t stay in one place. Their smell is recognizable but it won’t kill you. This is a peaceful animal. Next time consider other options like letting them move on. Skunks are a natural insect control. Folklore states that those individuals were skunks show up experience a greater sexual response to others and them to you. Imagine.

Wendy Martin