Archived Letter – 492

Nuisance Raccoon.
The recent article where Rockwood residents were pestered by an aggressive raccoon brings to light an interesting quandary. When it comes to wild animals in your yard you seem to be damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Ontario legislation does not allow a home owner to kill a wild animal unless it is directly attacking that person or their pets. If you live trap an animal you are again required by law to release the animal unharmed no more than 1 kilometre from where it was captured. According to those knowledgeable city dwelling law makers in government, each area of our fair province is capable of sustaining wild animals – yes, even our towns and cities. Apparently they need to stay in the area they live to balance nature so they can live among their own.
I know this because I recently discovered a skunk had moved in under my shed. Surprised I made inquiries of the Guelph Humane Society who explained they could not get involved but directed me to a private company who, for approximately five hundred dollars would capture and relocate this skunk. So where would this skunk end up? If you draw a circle out 1 kilometre from my home you stay within City limits. That means another resident of Guelph would end up with my skunk in their back yard, they would have to deal with it and spend their money only to have it again relocated within the City and on and on. Talk about a cash for life program for the removal company.
With the assistance of friends I am attempting to catch the skunk myself and when caught I will of course comply fully with the law and release it within 1 kilometre of my home. Not lets see, just which Guelph City councillor lives within that circle – remember its important they live among their own.

Tim Cooper