Archived Letter – 473

I wonder why a picture was even included in the article by Kris Svela – Triton unveils preliminary street plan for new hospital land. All I could see – without a lot of squinting and such with my eyes – to try to see – was lines, curved and otherwise and a few words.

I could not make out very much on the drawing – so IF you are not going to print a picture large enough – for people to see – why was it even included at all. Maybe you could have put an ad in the spot and made some money. It did not make for better understanding of the article – in fact it detracted from it – as I kept trying to see what was in the picture and wishing I could find my magnifying glass.

I finally did finish reading the article. I even tried to look on line – and the picture is no better.

In future may I suggest that you either print a picture big enough for most eyes to read OR you eliminate it in the first place.

Thank you.

Lucy Dyment, Fergus, Ontario

Lucy Dyment