Archived Letter – 471

Dogma suffocates enlightenment.

Sadly the debate of global warming has become a polarizing issue for some, verging on religious fanaticism. The pursuit of scientific answers is too often thwarted and derided by those who are entrenched in favour of CO2 being the driver of climate change for reasons that range from monetary motivation to social engineering ideologies.

I encourage viewing of the documentary entitled Svensmark: The Cloud Mystery ( )

also available online at Youtube link:

This documentary provides an opportunity to consider an alternative driver of climate expression upon our planet. The film shares evidentiary information about how stars and the sun influence the presence of clouds. Clouds ultimately dictate the amount of energy absorbed or rejected which in turn modifies our earth’s climate.

In summary it is proposed that Clouds are not the result of climate, but rather Climate is the result of the Clouds.

Centre Wellington

James Virgin