Archived Letter – 470

Dear Editor:
I read with great interest the letter from Councillor Kelly Linton concerning the expansion of the Fergus library. His well written letter is exactly what I and many others feel about the waste of tax dollars on an expansion of this library.
I applaud Councillor Linton for speaking out and wish more councillors would stand up and speak for the wishes of the taxpayers of the region on this issue.
I use the local libraries extensively and agree we need to spend money on the Fergus library. But with the Aboyne library now remaining open, the reason for such a huge expansion and expense makes absolutely no sense.
If council feels the need to spend 6 million of our tax dollars they might consider spending it on repairing our streets as a better alternative.
I hope in the next municipal election taxpayers will remember how their councillor voted on this issue.
Rodger Smith

Rodger Smith