Archived Letter – 461

Dear Editor,
I am writing this out of concern for the students affected by the public school teachers union strike. We have been repeatedly told that our children are not being affected by the strike, with the exception of the lack of extra-curricular activities. My experience has told me differently.

After signing in at the office, I went to visit my children on their recess break. Another child asked me for help because his brother had fallen in a puddle. I told him that I was only a parent, but I would help him find a teacher. I explained the situation to the nearest teacher who told me, “You can tell him to go and clean up in the bathroom, but I can’t. He’s not on my list.” Apparently, she is an Educational Assistant, and was mandated by her union to only assist a particular list of students.

How can you tell me our children are not being negatively affected by this strike? This young child had no idea who he was supposed to go to for help on the playground.

Is it not possible for common sense to be the mandate on both the union’s and individual teacher’s minds?

Kim Martin