Archived Letter – 460

Dear Editor;

Each week The Advertiser has some news regarding the teachers’ strike situation. The strike effects parents,
teachers and students. Newspapers from all over Ontario
carry this news as well, with a differing perspective, which
is informative, enjoyable and provocative.

I’m quite sure the feelings, mindset, and decisions made by
the readers are induced by the content of these articles.
Recently the Director of Education for the Toronto District
School Board, Dr. Chris Spence, allegedly submitted his
views regarding extra-curricular activities to a major Toronto newspaper. The content of the submission was
quickly proven to have been plagiarised. Dr. Spence
apologized for his oversight.
For Dr. Spence to be lauded as a devote leader in education is appalling. For his “views” to be realized by teachers
and students is abhorrent. When teachers, who are voting on these matters, undoubtedly presume his writings to be
sacred and of utmost purity, it is understandable that their
opinons have been unjustly tainted.

Dr. Spence has trivialized the current stike situation in
every school in Ontario. I can only hope that this was the first time he resorted to plagiarism.

What a great role model for our children—what a poor
copycat !

Jim McClure,

Jim McClure