Archived Letter – 355

Perhaps a too simplicict view of Wind Turbines. If the Gov of Canada and its Provinces, decline the use of medicines until fully being tested for health safety, then too should the construction of further wind turbines be halted. When permits are required to inginte a fire, when a permit is required to construct a shed, when a permit is required to add onto farm buildings, then too, a permit shoud be required for a 500 foot tall structure. But yet, this Provincial Government sees fit to ‘bully’ and push its agenda thru, with total disregard with processess we the people/community must abide by. This County and its people, must have the right to decline such projects, where it directly effects their freedoms and land stewardship. The act of a Provincial Government, to overrule, the proceseses and local governing bodies, to inject into a commuminty a dangerous and un-tested health hazard, is an act of contemp. Any Government that foreces a product of unknown health issues onto its innocent public, should be removed from Public and considered to have legal actions taken against it. Shame on this Provincial Government, and its agenda to force wind turbines onto its people. A Government should be trusted, trusted to best protect its people, to serve against hostile issues that invade or make our commumities ill. We need to be protected from our own Provincial Government and it involvement to allow projects like the forced installation of wind turbines, to continue. Regards, Barnie Floto

Barnie Floto