Archived Letter – 351

Are We Losing Our Democracy? We are seeing workers legislated back to work before a strike/ lockout- Air Canada., the postal workers, teachers in B.C. We see legislation to end the wheat board monopoly, but without a vote by farmers as required by amendments in 1998 to the Canadian Wheat Board Act. Debate of legislation in Parliament is often cut short by the governing party. Bureaucrats who do not agree with the governments wishes are fired. We see trade deals that override our laws. The government uses our tax dollars to boast about the jobs created, but in Stratford or St. Marys I see factories idle and empty. Our sitting member of parliament sees no evil, hears no evil. Certainly he neither speaks out on the issues I speak out about, nor on the right to strike, which is a constitutional right. I leave it up to you to answer the question, are we losing our democracy.

Jack Verhulst