Archived Letter – 349

On Saturday March 3rd just before noon my daughter Brittany, myself and our dog were involved in a single vehicle accident. This accident occured on County Road 16 near Robert Wright Veterinary Services. There were several very kind people who came to our aid that day. There was, in particular a woman who helped us get out of our vehicle and allowed us to use her van to keep warm while we waited for help to arrive. There was also a gentleman who let us use his phone to call for help and made sure we were okay. Although my daughter, myself and our dog were fine, we were very shaken up. Because there was so much going on at that time I didn’t take the time to write down the names of those that helped us. I regret this as I would like to thank those that helped us personally. If you helped me, my daughter and our very large, very frightened dog out of a black cobalt that had rolled that day, I wish to express my sincere thank you to you. It’s good samaritans such as yourself that help to make this world such a wonderful place. With kindest appreciation, Colleen Pearse

Colleen Pearse