Archived Letter – 346

to Puslinch Council Subject 50km limit on Watson Rd I have talked to several of my neighbours,to be sure that others felt the same way as myself.Here are a few of the points {1}You can’t legislate stupidity ie the hill north of regional road 34 requires caution when wet or covered with ice and snow .Only an idiot would attempt 80km through the turns on the hill {2}If 60 km was recommended why is Council making the limit 50 km. With this sort of thinking Council will be legislating horse and buddy in the not to distant future. My vote was for members of council who would work on cutting costs and using common sense.Not a knee jerk reaction to a single request.Why not do like most of to-days Politicians, if money needs to be spent, accept the submission for study and leave it on a shelf

john bossie