Archived Letter – 345

Mr. Chong recently pointed out that “if you want to get a problem solved you must go to the right place”. Recently, protesters at Mr. Chong’s office were dismissed as being “mainly from Guelph” and that they should instead bring their concerns about government to the opposition member in their riding. Strangely, Mr. Chong has no difficulty in tooting his own horn for Conservative initiatives in nearby ridings and most recently has taken up the cause of the Melancthon mega quarry outside his riding. But is he the right man, and is his government the right place to raise concerns? Mr. Chong has cited the Fisheries Act as the vehicle for an environmental review, however fellow MP Michelle Rempel said the environmental review process can lead to lost economic opportunities. In this regard the Conservative’s are preparing to revise the Environmental Act to exclude bodies of water that do not contain fish that are of human value. The plan is to download assessments to the provinces and impose timelines so that projects won’t be delayed. Will Mr. Chong be supporting these changes? It has been 6 long years since Mr. Chong took a position and voted against his own party. Since then his household mailers and public statements are more and more just parroting of the conservative party line regurgitated by any number of his fellow backbenchers. I am more and more convinced that Mr. Chong does not represent the people to government, but represents government to the people.

Raymond Trafford