Archived Letter – 343

March 17, 2012 Let me share how the Liberals decision to cease partnership between OLG slots/racetracks in Ontario will affect my family. I am an owner/employee in the racing industry. My family income depends on the success of my employers horses and my own. I am not a large training operation, just an independent owner trying to make a living to support my wife and family. I predominately race at B racetracks in small communities eg. Grand River Raceway. The expense and time put into each horse is exorbitant when calculating the final profit. Most horseman work with horses out of passion, realizing it may or may not bring in a large income. If I am not able to continue racing I will be forced to re-consider my career path. The urban population will not notice the decline of horse racing, on the other hand the rural population will. We all contribute to the agricultural industry, purchasing hay, grain, and bedding and have expenses including our trucks and trailers, maintenance, harness equipment, Veterinary and blacksmith care. This will be lost. Shame on the Liberals. Thank-you, William Pendleton Orton, Ontario

William Pendleton