Archived Letter – 341

THE END OF COLLECTIVE BARGAINING, COURTESY OF MICHAEL CHONG. Well…it’s not completely his fault. He was only 1/154th responsible. I watched Mr. Chong on CPAC this afternoon, stand and vote with his party for Bill C-33; The Resumption of Air Services Act. This hastily constructed legislation by the Minister of Labour, is established to strip the collective bargaining rights of hard working, tax paying pilots, mechanics and baggage handlers of Air Canada, many of whom reside in Mr. Chong’s combined riding of Wellington-Halton. These rights have been fought for through the blood and sweat of our forefathers and foremothers, to ensure the worker’s right to collective bargaining. They were arbitrarily and summarily dismissed this afternoon. All for the sake of March-Break travellers. At last count, there were some 10,000,000 Canadians with jobs that participate in collective bargaining. Are we the first to lose our rights? Whose next Mr. Chong? I used to justify my conservative vote, not so much for the Harper government, but for Michael Chong. I now count myself amoung the growing ranks of the disenfranchised, former conservative voters. Captain M. Simons

Mike Simons