Archived Letter – 1499


The legalization of marijuana has arrived, and Canadians are excited. Consuming pot is now more common than ever, and this recent legalization forecasts an increase in the Gross Domestic Product.

Governments use the GDP to make major economic decisions; however, the GDP fails to report undocumented activity such as the illegal sale and production of marijuana. Banks predict the legalization will contribute billions to the economy. Is that the most significant impact marijuana will ever have? Where will it take the marijuana industry from here?

The expansion of marijuana is limitless, now it may be the traditional joint smoked occasionally in private, to becoming an edible accompaniment with a morning coffee. The possible market expansion is endless. The Canadian economy will see great growth in the coming years because of this new bill. This is an untouched market the GDP will benefit from. As people start to legally enjoy their high, so will the GDP.

Fadi Karra