Archived Letter – 1480

Letter to Ted Arnott:

Ted Arnott, MPP, Wellington – Halton Hills
181 St. Andrew St. E.; 2nd Floor
Fergus, ON
N1M 1P9 12 September, 2018

Mr. Arnott.

As you know there is serious and growing concern about the government’s intention to invoke the Notwithstanding Clause of the Canadian Constitution to legislate a reduction in the size of Toronto City Council during an election.

Your leader has deemed this necessary because the Ontario Superior Court has ruled that the intended legislation, Bill 5, is unconstitutional.

Mr. Ford’s apparent lack of understanding that the Constitution is a key part of our Constitutional Democracy and his contempt for the Judiciary are disturbing. They do not bode well for the state of democracy in Ontario over the next few years.

Mr. Ford needs to respect the court’s interpretation of the Constitution and wait until after the Toronto municipal election in October to make any legislative changes.

And we, as your constituents, need to know where you stand on this issue. We also need you to represent our position to Mr. Ford and his advisors.

Best Regards.

Peter van Vloten, Fergus, ON (; 519-831-6702)
Kris Lewis, Fergus, ON
Bonnie McEachern, Fergus, ON
Penny Lipsett, Elora, ON
Peter Varty, Elora, ON
Pat Martin, Elora, ON
Susan Thorning, Elora, ON
Ken Crozier, Rockwood, ON
James Wilton, Elora, ON
Burna R. Wilton, Elora, ON
Harvey Thomson, Fergus ON
William Stiles, Rockwood, ON
Derek Smith, Elora, ON
Shirley Smith, Elora, ON
Jan Beveridge, Elora, ON
Bryan Hayter, Fergus, ON
David E. Tinker, Elora, ON
Dave Blacklock, Elora, ON
Dana Rodgers, Elora, ON
Carolyn Skimson, Centre Wellington, ON
Tom Skimson, Centre Wellington, ON
Lorie Black, Elora, ON
Paul Rapport, Fergus, ON

c/c Dave Adsett (Wellington Advertiser), Chris Daponte (Wellington Advertiser), Michael Chong MP, Wellington – Halton Hills

Peter van Vloten