Archived Letter – 1476

In Reply to “Speeds excessive” by Brian Welsh.

Hello Brian Welsh,
First let me apologize to the “Rocket Surgeon” in my previous letter. It turns out the speed limit change from 80km to 60km zone was temporary. I’ve never noticed them alter existing signage with temporary ones before along with a “new” sign. Regardless. Brian in my previous letter did I advocate excessive speeding? The answer is no I did not. As far as implying that I might drive at excessive speeds, I find insulting. I lived along side Cty. Rd 7 for 20 years, one side road removed form Cty. Rd 7 for another 10. And in all my years of using Cty. Rd 7, I’ve lost count how many times I’ve witnessed transport trucks struggle on the hill between Alma and Guelph. In the end it is mute point. The signs are gone and “valley” is back to normal. Drive at or near the limit people, stay safe out there and let’s try and make sure everyone makes it home for dinner safe and sound! Cheers Brian, from a Cty. Rd 7 Alumni.

Tom Dickinson