Archived Letter – 1474

This is in response to the letter “Will conflict continue?” August 23, 2018. The Elora Mill redevelopment project is the largest project of its kind in the history of this community. It is already having a significant impact on properties and businesses in downtown Elora. As a property owner, with a business tenant, adjacent to the development, I am directly impacted. This triggers a conflict of interest, under the law, and I have followed the law in declaring conflicts when necessary. A project of this magnitude rolls out over a long period of time, with many constituent elements. Living on Mill Street has given me an opportunity to experience the ups and downs of the construction and a chance to mediate and coordinate between shop keepers, residents and the work. It is important for the community to know and understand that under the zoning approved by the previous Council, the project could not proceed without careful scrutiny and full review by the Heritage Advisory Committee. Every Council decision, with respect to the heritage aspects of this project, has followed the advice and recommendations of the Heritage Advisory Committee. This Committee consists of community volunteers who spent long hours reviewing masses of material, doing research and making recommendations. The Committee members are deeply dedicated to the cause of heritage conservation and received expert advice and assistance at every step of the process. Council agreed with all of the Committee’s recommendations. I support this project for the heritage and economic benefits it brings. Looking forward, the focus of the project has shifted to the other side of the river. There are heritage decisions that remain, and I look forward to being involved in the discussions and decisions relating to remaining stone structures and the Badley Bridge.

Don Fisher