Archived Letter – 1472

I read with interest Rachael Berstein’s letter (Aug 23) concerning the Fergus Arboretum. As she said, it is a lovely spot full of trees that are beneficial in so many ways. She, and other readers might be interested to hear that trained Neighbourwoods Citizen Pruners have worked on a number of young trees at the site over the last year, pruning to remove dead branches and improve overall structure. We were very fortunate (and grateful) for help from several local certified arborists who volunteered their time to provide guidance and training: Andrew Doucette (Out of Your Tree Care), Phil Guenter (Baum Tree Care), Monique Lee (Nedlaw Living Walls) Bill McKenna (MW Tree Services), Ali Morrison (Green Legacy),Chris Morrison (StormWaterForestry) and Doug Steel (Full Circle Tree Care).

As Ms Berstein points out, there are a number of large trees (too tall for Citizen Pruners) that do need attention from a professional arborist so that they can reach their full potential.


Toni Ellis
Neighbourwoods Coordinator

Toni Ellis