Archived Letter – 1470

Dear Editor: GET Township has a small budget meant to provide essential services like bridge reconstruction, snow removal and road repair. There is not a lot to spare, an quite frankly, our dispersed rural population poses some financial challenges when it comes to the timeliness of infrastructure maintenance.
I am therefore dismayed by the demands made by CRC President, Doug Tripp at the August 13th GET Council meeting, asking that the Township agree to become a full participant with the CRC in the OMB Hearings, and provide $400,000. in NEW funding to cover CRC’s legal fees.
The Township no longer has ANY authority over the Hidden Quarry zoning application and will only have observer status when the matter comes before the OMB for a full hearing in May 2019.
Certain GET Councilors have agreed to commit scarce Township funds to a legal battle with an uncertain outcome and of dubious value at this late stage in the proceedings. It is certain that the funding CRC is seeking will be insufficient to cover all of the costs arising from the hearing process and once the Township treasury door is opened, the amount to be expended could be very substantial. This would be very unfair to GET taxpayers.
Ed Kennedy

ed kennedy