Archived Letter – 1452

I hope that Carolann Krusky in her letter to Editor was using full-on satire. Her hysterical statements are a reminder of the old movie, now totally debunked, “Reefer Madness”. Her references to addiction, hallucinations, escalating drug use and mental health issues are completely distorted and do not reflect any current studies, knowledge or understanding of the plant and use of the plant. Stating that “the use of marijuana for anyone with a mental health issue can and does put them in the hospital” is a total fabrication. There are no facts to support this statement. I have never heard of anyone allergic to marijuana, as Ms. Krusky references in her fifth paragraph nor have I seen any literature or studies to support a statement of such an allergic reaction in an individual. The assertions about how Fergus and area will have to set up mental health hospitals, train new staff, etc. appears to be active “fear mongering”. Her connection of crime to drug use, inferring that it is marijuana that is the culprit, is completely distorted. If Ford allows the sale of marijuana by private business it may well be that her corner store sells it. That is business. Alcohol, a drug that has documented negative effects on society, individuals and which plays a role in many crimes, is available at plentiful LCBOs and in many grocery stores. And that, too, is business. Ms. Krusky’s misinformed, personal prejudices are obvious in her letter with no apparent understanding, no knowledge of the attendant issues and with no reference to the vast wealth of available information on marijuana, much delineating the positive aspects of the plant and some outlining the negative aspects, most of which negative aspects are not the concerns as outlined by Ms. Krusky.

Joy Lippai