Archived Letter – 1426

Dear Mr. Arnott

While you bask in your political glory let me tell you that I’ve been worried about the future of the water for Centre Wellington. The two quotes below show me that you just say what people want to hear. I truly thought that when you arranged a meeting with the Township council to meet with the Minster of the Environment we actually might have a chance to stop Nestle from taking our water. I guess there are three sides to your story.
Very disappointed in you. The Save our Water group has done their research, and it’s not looking good for the future of our Water. With the projected growth in this area we will most likely have a very difficult task finding another well for our residents. It’s time to stand up and say no to Nestle. Our Water needs to be protected.

“However, I do not support shutting down water bottling companies which are in compliance with the Province’s laws and regulations. I also believe that the legislation and regulations should be fair and equitable for all water bottling companies.”
-Ted Arnott

Progressive Conservative Ted Arnott, who represents Wellington-Halton Hills – which includes Aberfoyle and Hillsburgh, where Nestle has another well – said he thinks residents who oppose the company’s permit renewal know their facts.

“My constituents are smart people who do their homework and research, and I’m not going to criticize them for expressing concerns,” he said

Yours truly
Linda Lane
29 Mill St E
Elora Ontario
N0B 1S0

Linda Lane