Archived Letter – 1425

Re: Open Letter from Tommy Wong, Xinyi Glass Canada, May 31, 2018
Having read Mr. Wong’s letter and viewed his full page ad, I can describe my reaction as, upsetting and shocked. I fail to recognize the benefits with this over ambitious project for the community. The huge daily water extraction, the de-valued lands of neighbouring properties, fire and safety issues, negative air quality, social and visual impacts, are just a few items that should cause huge concern and alarm.
At this point in time, I need to believe that our elected officials and their advisors as such, will not yield to aggressive force, bad information and poor planning.
Xinyi Canada can be accommodated somewhere in Ontario, just not in this location. Greed and stupidity will be the reference if this proposal is made possible in Guelph-Eramosa.

Robert A. St. Louis