Archived Letter – 1424

please keep this anonymous..
i’d like to point out a few things that i had brought to the attention of the MTO…
although it was nice to have hwy 7 from Acton to Guelph done a couple years ago,it occurred to me as i was driving in Guelph yesterday the bike lanes there are at least a meter or more wide with the average speed of 50 km/h,where as in the country the lane is only 30 cm wide and that is including the white line with an average speed of 80 km/h..
i have lived where i am for years and the amount of transport trucks/semis using hwy 7 is of a greater amount than those using city streets…i have also noticed that there are areas where if there is a group of driveways that are paved to the road,the side of the hi-way was paved for a few hundred feet..why didn’t they just do the whole road that way?
it would save them thousands of dollars/year grading the road,adding gravel and mostly save us all from having to rake all the gravel out of our overly deep ditches they left when they put the sewer lines in twenty odd years ago…
just had to throw that out there…and encourage everyone to contact the Dept. of Hwys..
I’d love to ride my bike down the road but quite frankly,i’m a little scared to…

jeffrey mast