Archived Letter – 1325

Dear Editor,
Hi, I am a student from John Black P.S. I would like to suggest that there aren’t so many recreational activities in Fergus. A lot of people are driving to Guelph or other communities to go to their weekly activity which can cause lots of air pollution to our environment. It can also create tired parents out if they have to drive their kids to their hobby every week. For instance I used to drive to Guelph to my gymnastics class every week, but my mom got tired of driving me every week. Driving to other communities can waste a lot of money because of all the gas we are using up. I think that we should have lots of activities to do since people might be getting bored of doing the same hobby and might wanna choose something else. Lots of people are moving to Fergus so they might want something to do,so my question is “What is stopping Fergus from having more recreational activities?”
From Pooja.P,

Pooja Patel