Archived Letter – 1122

I want to congratulate Centre Wellington Council for supporting and approving funding for trail improvement and enhancement as reported in last week’s Wellington Advertiser.

The project to upgrade the Trestle Bridge Trail from South River Road to the Elora Works Yard will be a welcome improvement as this is one of the most beautiful sections of the Trailway.
Improving Signage will be of great benefit too, as just this morning as I walked around my usual loop I met a couple with bicycles,just starting off from the Gerrie Rd. entrance who were interested in how they could do a loop.

Another item mentioned was that drainage will be addressed. This is very important as in some areas where there has been erosion from higher banks, the ditches have filled in and now water comes across the trail washing it out or making a muddy mess.
In the section from Gilkison to Bridge St. there are now many houses backing onto the trail and many of the ones on the north side have small access paths from their properties onto the trail and many use this access to dump a lot of brush and yard waste into the ditches. They may think that this practice is not harmful but gradually the ditches are getting full and we are losing the drainage we once had, as water is not able to drain away and is washing out sections of the trail or making a muddy mess.

I would like to see some NO DUMPING signs placed in that area but the rule would have to be enforced !

Yours Sincerely,
Carolyn Miller

Carolyn Miller