Archived Letter – 1111

Dear Editor:
It is amusing to read the complaints of CRC board member and taxpayer, Mr. Kennaley about council’s mishandling of the Hidden Quarry application.
( Poor Quarry Response- Sept 30 )
Council helped the CRC every step of the way.
First, they opposed the application on Oct 7th, then awarded the CRC with seventy thousand dollars in July and, finally, changed the zoning bylaw on Aug. 8th just in time for the OMB hearing.
So, who DID benefit? It certainly wasn’t JDCL.
Ironically, it now appears CRC is digging a bottomless pit of its’ own hoping to fill it with more township cash.
We taxpayers can only hope that council does the right thing next time and denies CRC further handouts.

Doreen Henschel

Doreen Henschel