Archived Letter – 1101

Dear Editor
Re: Barn Fire Research Paying off in Pulinch September 16, 2016
Barns are more than just a building on a property. Many barns are part of the livelihood of farmers. They contain animals and machinery, things that farmers use as their source of income. It is very important to learn how to deal with barn fires.
Firefighters have to continue to expand their understanding of how a barn fire behaves. The more that they know the better they will become at dealing with barn fires. Barn fires are normally farther from the fire station so the fire is more progressed by the time they arrive. When they arrive at a barn fire they have to know the best and quickest way to stop the fire from spreading and to minimize the damage. It may be necessary for multiple fire stations to respond to a barn fire.
The more research that is done on barn fires the more we can understand how they act so that new barns can be designed in ways that help prevent fires.
In Canada we have a great firefighting system but they have to continue to research so that they can become better and prevent unnecessary loss.

Nicholas Feenstra