Archived Letter – 1096

Re: Man refuses to let police officer pass
September 9, 2016

Dear Editor,
I am responding to the article Man refuses to let police officer pass. Drivers whether young or old, experienced or inexperienced should drive 10 km/h within the posted speed limit. On September 4 a young man from Mapleton reached speeds of 140 km/h in refusal to let an OPP officer pass. What a gutsy move. Many injuries could have happened here not to mention the amount of fines this teenager is now facing. This a good lesson to all drivers. Jacob Boese’s license and car has been seized for 7 days and was charged with performing a stunt.
Dangerous things happen when we do not abide by the rules. OPP officer had to brake hard to avoid oncoming traffic when trying to pass Boese on the way to a call. Officials are
here to keep us safe, on and off the roads. Although stunts are fun, preventing an officer from fulfilling his duty is not okay. This officer was on his way to an important call so holdups like this hinder the health of others.
Will Boese learn his lesson with these type of consequences? I know from experience that teens feel entitled to drive and do not always understand the privileges of a license. OPP officials do have priority over other vehicles on the road. It is not okay to be pulling stunts with officials especially when they are responding to a call. Boese, age 19, will face several charges and hopefully be off the road for a while.

Alexis Vanleeuwen