Archived Letter – 1066

in reply to your article Wellington remains free of Lyme Disease.

This article has some misleading untrue information.
If the writer of the article had done due diligence before the printing of this article,the writer would have found out that Lyme Ontario has a researcher on their board of directors who does tick dragging for his research with NO affiliation to any Public Health Department both provincial or Federal,or subsidized by Big Pharma.
This researcher has many peer reviewed papers on Lyme Disease and co-infections published.
Veterinarian clinics do not report to Public Health when an animal has been tested positive for Lyme and co-infections.
So the actual true numbers of Lyme and co-infections are never reported.
Ticks do NOT jump as is stated in this article.
They in actual fact crawl along the ground and are picked up by rodents,mice,rabbits,skunks,and squirrels to name a few.
Ticks are also being spread by birds in large numbers.
Ticks like to hide in long grass,piles of moist damp leaves waiting to hitch a ride on their next unsuspecting victim.
It is rare to get a positive Lyme diagnosis using the poor outdated tests in Ontario.
The medical community would rather misdiagnose you with MS,Fibromyalgia,Chronic Fatigue,and a host of other ailments and diseases,where in fact you very well may have Lyme Disease.
Yes it is true that many,many,many people with Lyme Disease and co-infections are FORCED to seek medical treatment out of country and out of pocket.
Are these medical doctors that are Lyme Literate Doctors a sham,charlatans??
I personally think not!!
One LLMD in the US has well over 3.000 patients from Ontario,and the Eastern Provinces and growing!
Why you may ask?
The answer is simple.The medical profession in Ontario and the rest of Canada is NOT Lyme literate.
Wellington has a amazing Lyme Support Group,Lyme Ontario has resources available for the general public,Can Lyme,the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation has a website with up to the minute information,Ontario Lyme Alliance in North York is also one amazing group.
If any of the readers of this paper has any questions,these are the first open to the public info websites to use.
If you think you may have Lyme Disease or co-infections challenge your medical provider to prove to you beyond reasonable doubt otherwise.

The writer of the aforementioned article is hereby invited by me to the next Lyme Support Group meeting in Guelph.

Jac Aalbers.

Bev & Jac Aalbers