Archived Letter – 1043

Dear Editor:

Earth Day is this Friday, April 22. If you would like to do some great deeds for this amazing planet of ours, here are four ways to help steady our rapidly changing climate:

1) For most Canadians, the biggest chunk of our annual ‘carbon footprint’ is jet travel, so plan more vacations close to home. If you have to fly – or drive long distances – buy a ‘carbon offset.’ Read all about this and the amazing projects that carbon offsets support by visiting the United Nations web site, If you can afford the trip, you can afford the offset!

2) Plant and grow your own organic food. Turn part of your lawn into a delicious food garden. A good place to start is at

3) Eat less meat. For all sorts of health and environmental reasons, eating more plant-based foods (aka fruit and veggies!) and less meat – especially beef – will be good for you and Mother Earth too. Start with just one meat-free day per week, and go from there. has lots of great information and recipes.

4) Get to know the politicians we elect. Voting in every election is a great start, but never underestimate the importance of getting to know the people who have the power to make the urgent, across the board changes we need to leave our kids a healthy planet.


Liz Armstrong
Erin Ontario

Liz Armstrong