Archived Letter – 1034

I am the walk coordinator for the 2016 Mandarin MS Walk in Guelph. Please feel free to submit this blurb about our upcoming event, in addition to this local human interest story I have added.

We are only three weeks away from the Guelph Mandarin MS Walk, on May 1st. We are expecting over 500 participants this year!
There will be a DJ and face painters at our 5K walk and BBQ! Last year we raised almost 105,000.00 towards support services and research for MS. Come join your local community in the support to end MS!

Kenneth Keating- Guelph walk committee member:
December of 1983, Kenneth Keating was diagnosed with Canada’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis. Everyday became a challenge as Kenneth was told he would be in a wheelchair within a year of his diagnosis. Although each day is difficult Kenneth lives his life to the fullest and feels fortunate to have a fantastic support system, especially his two children Braden and Alannah. Kenneth is most fearful for the future; not that he won’t get better, but that his MS will progress. Instead of just accepting the diagnosis of MS, Kenneth has decided to take a stand and fight back.
Kenneth feels motivated to find a cure for MS, he contributes by selling carnations every Mother’s Day, has participated In the Guelph MS Walk, in addition to recently joining the Guelph MS Walk Committee. He described a cure for MS in one word as being FANTASTIC.
Although Kenneth’s life has changed dramatically since his diagnosis, he has learned to cope with his MS and continues to feel hopeful that he will one day live a normal life again. For now Kenneth continues to be an active member of the MS community and helps out in every way he can, encouraging others to do the same!

About multiple sclerosis and the MS Walk
Multiple sclerosis is a chronic, often disabling disease of the brain and spinal cord that affects 100,000 Canadians – the highest rate of MS in the world. MS is the most common neurological disease of young adults in Canada and three Canadians are diagnosed with the illness every day. Most people with MS are diagnosed between the ages of 15 and 40, and the unpredictable effects of MS last for the rest of their lives. The MS Walk, one of the many activities during the 1 Day in May campaign, is a family-oriented, community-supported event involving over 60,000 participants and volunteers in more than 160 communities across Canada. Each event location has routes of varying length and at least one route that is wheelchair accessible. For more information about the MS Walk visit

Contact Taylor Brydges for more information: 1-888-510-7777 x.3309
Thank you!

Taylor Brydges