Letter from Mini-Lakes association looks for clarity on civic addresses

Councillors see the need to simplify rural addresses here.

They recently reviewed correspondence from Tom Boyd, president of the Mini Lakes Residents Association. He asked for township’s approval on the group’s application to Wellington County to change resident mailing addresses from the current “7541 Wellington Road 34” and “Comp xxx” (their mail box numbers), to their street addresses.

Boyd stated an example of the change would be as follows:


7541 Wellington Road 34

Comp 136

Guelph, ON NIH 6H9


10 Elm Street PVT

Puslinch, ON NIH 6H9

Boyd said the change was originally suggested by Canada Post as a result of the group’s application to the county to alter how titles are held on the land.

“In subsequent discussions with the county, including Linda Dickson (community emergency management coordinator) it was determined that this would help both our residents and emergency services during 9-1-1 calls, when there can be confusion as to where to what address is given, leading to misdirection of first responders and the waste of precious time during the most critical time in an emergency.”

Boyd stated, “Having the mailing address and street address the same, eliminates that confusion.”

He added, “Bell Canada has already been using the street address for many years for 9-1-1 addressing, white pages telephone listings and even for mailing phone bills, as has Rogers Cable. I am not aware of any problems in mail being directed improperly based on using simply the civic address and correct postal code.”

However, Boyd stated there can be confusion during real estate closings and Hydro One hookups and disconnects because of rural addresses.

Councillor Susan Fielding said a number of years ago, township tax bills were returned because they had included only rural route addresses, and fire numbers were also wanted.

“Can you now just send anything to someone in Puslinch without the rural route number?”

Clerk Brenda Law said the suggestion made to Puslinch was the preference is to include the rural route because the township has more than one rural route.

However, in some areas, the postal code covers a single postal route.

Fielding said, “It would simplifying things. I have a few friends in Mini Lakes and including both makes for an awfully long address. This proposal would be a lot easier to remember.”

Mayor Dennis Lever noted the discussions with Canada Post regarding issues on McLean Road and said it is Canada Post’s intent to have a cross-Canada realignment using civic addresses, but that will take a long period of time.

“This is a step in the right direction.”