Lawn bowling season is on at Elora club

The Elora Rocks Lawn Bowling Club, located on David Street, east of Geddes, has been home to lawn bowlers for 109 years.

From humble beginnings with a few selected male members to present-day membership, where women play an active role at the club, the legacy of lawn bowling continues.

On any given evening from May until September, bowlers are out on the “greens” pitting their skills against one another in league or social bowling competition.  

 Last season member Lloyd Ross emerged the victor in the Men’s Singles Play Down Competition and then went on to defeat Helen Gay, the Women’s Singles Champion in a well played match for the Club Championship.  

The Elora Club also hosts day tournaments throughout the season with competitors coming from clubs all over southern Ontario. These are sponsored tournaments with prize money graciously donated from local businesses.

“Here you will see some high end competition. We always welcome spectators to these events,” officials said.

The public is invited to drop by the club’s open house week of May 11 to 14 – Monday to Thursday, from 6 to 8pm and Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon from 1 to 3pm.  

“This is a chance to try your hand at a sport geared for all ages and levels of physical activity,” officials said.

Coaching is offered for beginners and bowls are supplied by the club for the first couple of years. All that’s needed are smooth-soled shoes.