Kindred Credit Union Foodgrains Bank projects

Kindred Credit Union has donated $10,000 to Canadian Foodgrains Bank to support efforts to end hunger around the world.

The donation will be shared across 12 growing projects located throughout Southwestern Ontario, including Mount Forest.

Growing projects foster a sense of community spirit, with cooperation and collaboration being central to their success.

Groups of local volunteer farmers plant, tend, and harvest a crop. Proceeds from the sale of the crop are then donated to the Foodgrains Bank, and used in the work of ending hunger around the world.

The 12 projects sponsored by Kindred were selected by branch staff in Aylmer, Elmira, Leamington, Milverton, and Mount Forest.

According to Kindred’s chief executive officer Brent Zorgdrager, “there’s perfect alignment between our credit union’s values-centred, faith-inspired approach to banking with purpose, and the values of the Foodgrains Bank. Just as banking with purpose at Kindred Credit Union can impact the world in amazing ways, so does the work of local volunteer farmers through Canadian Foodgrains Bank.”

Last year, 125 growing projects in Ontario contributed $1.6 million to the work of ending global hunger through the Foodgrains Bank.

“Kindred’s financial support allows the growing projects to spend less money on things like land rent and inputs, and be better able to send more money overseas,” says John Longhurst who directs resource and public engagement at the Foodgrains Bank.

“Community growing projects are amazing examples of how the compassion and commitment of Canadian farmers is extending far outside of Ontario, making a difference for people experiencing hunger around the world. We are grateful for the support Kindred has extended to these 12 growing projects,” he adds.

“At the Foodgrains Bank, we believe that by working together, we can end global hunger. We are pleased to welcome Kindred as a partner in making this goal a reality.”