Kevin O’Leary enters leadership race

Leery about O’Leary

As if the Conservative Party leadership race couldn’t get crazier, TV celebrity Kevin O’Leary joins 13 other candidates in a bid to become the leader.


To top it off, the latest poll data shows 27%of Canadians favouring O’Leary.

You could say I’m a little leery.

While not as publicized as the official debates, 10 of 14 candidates were in Winnipeg for a recent open forum. O’Leary didn’t attend. It could have been his first kick at the can, but he missed out.

He was instead interviewed on ABC news, a U.S. channel, about his bid for the leadership. He has stated in the past that he is a “global investor” and he “travels a lot.”

Going on American TV and speaking to Americans about his plans will not get him votes; he needs to invest in Canada.

Instead, he plans to “reach out to Canadians” through the internet.

He then attacked Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne on hydro rates. While I’m sure we’d all like to tell Wynne what we think about hydro rates, it is no business of O’Leary’s who is running for leader of a federal party. Our constitution (section 92a) gives the province exclusive rights on the production of electrical energy.

Sorry O’Leary, even if you become leader, there is nothing you can do.

Our only hope for sanity is that he does not promote “alternative facts” and lash out on Twitter.


– Olivia


Star power trumps all

“Mr. Wonderful” has done it.


He’s taken off his hat, he’s thrown it in the ring and Canada is cheering.

Kevin O’Leary launched his bid for the Conservative leadership less than two weeks ago and already he’s beating out die-hard opponents – some who have been in the race for more than half a year.

In a recent Forum Research poll sampling 1,332 Canadian voters, 27 per cent preferred O’Leary (his closest opponent garnered 11% of votes). Why you ask?

Maybe it’s because he’s easily recognizable. After all, we’ve all seen Dragons’ Den.

Maybe it’s because President Donald Trump’s inauguration has been a hot topic this past week and O’Leary’s appeal level is riding the coat-tails of a fellow reality TV host.

Maybe it’s because O’Leary’s campaign actually began months ago, while Canada waited with bated breath as he teased his intention to run.

Whatever the reason, O’Leary is bringing an interest in Canadian politics to people who may never have cared before.   

Whether he has your support or not and whether you’re a member of the Conservative Party or not, in all likelihood you’re now going to care about the results of the May 27 Conservative Party leadership vote.

The question is whether O’Leary’s star power is backed up by his political prowess, as he takes on a field of seasoned politicians.



– Jaime

Olivia Rutt and Jaime Myslik