Just say yes

If there is one thing that the year 2022 taught me, it’s that I have zero ability to predict my own future. None. 

Mind you, I can’t even predict what I’m having for lunch, which, by the way, really stresses out the people in line behind me waiting to place their lunch order. Fast food decisions take time, people. Wait your turn. And yes, I’ll take fries with that. 

While I may lack fortune teller sensibilities, this year brought forth a full awareness that I am 100% in control of how I navigate my future.

You may ponder why this light bulb just went off for me, so late in the game of life. For so many people, that is an obvious self-realization right out of the gate. But I’m not one of those who entered the atmosphere with that level of confidence or self-awareness. 

When it comes to life lessons, I’m less a convection oven, more of a crock pot. Both work well, just at their own pace. 

Maybe it’s an age thing, or a stage of life thing, or a just a “finally she gets it” thing, but I am ever more grounded in the realization that this journey is mine and mine alone. It’s my responsibility to be my responsibility. 

I know that’s a given, but when you commit to a life partner, raise children, take care of others, take care of pets, build a career and manage a household, it’s easy to forget yourself in there. I may be the nucleus of the action, but I am not the calm eye of the storm. 

I am 100% confident you know what I mean, even if you’re ahead of me on the whole self-awareness journey. At some point in your journey, I bet you’ve felt this too.

I learned a great deal this year about the boundaries I need to set. Some people deserve a castle moat, others an electric fence, and others a gate. Apparently, I’m not allowed a Taser. 

But the dear hearts, the authentic ones, the rare breed that are happy for my good news and understanding of my quiet breaks, who trust me to help them but accept that I’ve got a full plate too, those are the keepers. 

That’s what this year taught me: that my journey is my responsibility and things I committed to, family, career, being healthy, are not selfish acts to maintain. They are my purpose. I am unapologetic for prioritizing what matters to my life. That’s new for me. 

Also saying yes to things that scare me. Taking a risk. No net.

It’s like a roller coaster scare. You sit down, test the lap safety bar 13 times and hold on for dear life. It’s terrifying, yet it’s exhilarating when you let go and feel yourself float in the safety of your seat. You throw your hands up in the air. You swallow your lunch for a second time. This is living. 

2022 ended with experiences akin to that roller coaster ride. But you know what they say? If the universe gives you a gift, open it.  Don’t over-think it. Just say yes.

This year I said yes. 

I believe 2023 will be a roller coaster ride, but I see myself with my hands in the air, laughing and smiling, rather than regurgitating my lunch. I know I can handle it. 

My wish for you in 2023 is to say yes, to yourself, to your dreams, to your needs, whatever they are.

Unapologetically, yes.

WriteOut of Her Mind