Joint roof repairs for two arenas

Minto is hoping a combined bid might lower costs for repairs at the the Palmerston and Clifford arenas.

Councillors here agreed with its parks and recreation advisory committee for a bid document on metal roof repairs in 2008 include the Pal­merston and Clifford arenas.

Councillor Barb Burrows said that while work has been done on the flat roofs, the metal roofs on portions of the two buildings have consistently presented problems.

“It’s time to deal with them, and this way it is within the budget,” she said.

Recreation director David Stonley explained original plans were to deal with the metal roof in Clifford in 2008 and the one in Palmerston in 2009. “However, we feel we might get a more competitive price [for the two projects at one time].”

He said that the bid preparation was simply getting the wheels in motion, and that the municipal budget talks would decide if both projects would move ahead.