It’s all about staying connected.

The whole point of technology is to keep people connected and engaged with the world around them, offering fast and easy access to information, news and even entertainment.

It’s about connectivity. That was the point. But like anything, there is good and bad, and sometimes technology offers us information overload, sensationalism and things far worse in a world without filters.

We’ve been observing with great interest the way the digital world has impacted our newsprint industry and media in general, amidst the doomsday reports that print would die in the shadows of the Internet.

While we cannot ignore that many newspapers have succumbed to the swift changes and competitive marketplace, we are also very aware that the reason this newspaper has experienced success in Wellington County is because we are rooted in our communities here. This is home. And we cover the news and stories of the faces and places that matter to you, your neighbours, your family and friends.

We realize there is a balance to be set between this newspaper you hold in your hands each week and the digital platforms that allow you access to the same quality journalism, stories and images you’ve come to expect from us, only in an online format. We recognize that not all of our readers use the internet.

We also realize some of our readers want their news on the go, on their mobile phones, tablet devices or on their desktops. Some readers want the news from their hometown delivered to their inbox, so they can stay in touch with people back home. Our job is to consistently deliver the news you need and the stories you want, and support the businesses that make our communities thrive.

We were the first in the Wellington County to establish an online presence with a newspaper website and we have supported that with the use of social media ever since. But it’s time for a fresh look at where we’ve been and where we want to go. We’ve got big plans and a vision for the future, but we’re designing it all with our readers in mind. So we need your help.

On page 12 of our print edition you’ll find the details of a quick, simple questionnaire regarding our website. We’ll have a link to it on the website, we’ll send out reminders through Twitter and Facebook, and if you need a paper copy, just give us a call. We want to hear from you. Do you view our newspaper online? If so, we’d like to know what you access most on our website, what devices you use to search us online and how can we improve the experience for you to make it easy to navigate, share and enjoy.

So follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or sit back and peruse the pages of this newspaper at your kitchen table. Whatever works for you is great with us. We’re designing our future with you in mind.

It’s all about staying connected.


Kelly Waterhouse