International visitors toured with Wellington Junior Farmers

International delegates toured Wellington with the Wellington Junior Farmers Club from May 22 to May 30.
Six delegates were in the area, representing Australia, Eng­land, Northern Ireland, Scot­land, and Switzerland. Dele­gates were paired with Junior Farmers as part of the annual exchange program.
Wellington was the first stop on a three month tour of Ontario, where each Junior Farm­ers club in Ontario has the opportunity to host. Matt Dann, president of Wellington group, hosted a delegate from Eng­land.
“Hosting the delegates and learning about their countries while showing them around our area is a highlight of the club’s summer activities,” said Dann.
While in Wellington Coun­ty, one day was spent on farm tours in North Wellington, Minto, and Mapleton. Elora and Fergus were the destination for another day, with trips to the Wellington County Muse­um and Elora Gorge, ending at the horse races.
A tour of Gencor and the University of Guelph were the highlights for the day spent in the southern end of the county, with the night wrapping up at the Stampede Ranch.
For the rest of the week, delegates were shown around Dufferin County for one day, and were shown various loca­tions by their host families. Every night had an event where all club members could come out, such as barbecues and pot luck dinners. The Ontario ex­change al­lows young members from several countries to visit Ontario Junior Farmer mem­bers and stay at their homes. Clubs arrange various tours and events for the week they are hosting to show the visitors around their area and teach them about farming in Ontario.
Ontario Junior Farmer mem­bers are also given the op­portunity to travel overseas or to other parts of Canada on exchange. This year, a Welling­ton member, Jen Dane, will be travelling to Northern Ireland.
Junior Farmers is a club focused on community better­ment and gaining various lead­ership and employment skills. While members are parti­cipating in events, they have the opportunity to make friends from across the province and around the world.
Junior Farmers is for youth aged 15 to 30. For more information, contact Groten­huis at 519-338-9962 or