Inspire the Nation tour is Aug. 20

On Aug. 20 from 10am to noon the Centre Wellington Sportsplex will host the Inspire the Nation tour.

Participaction will be bringing its Sun Life Inspire the Nation inspiration booth to 31 cities across Canada and Centre Wellington is part of that tour.

Centre Wellington was chosen for the tour because it is heavily involved in the In Motion program that started well over two years ago to get people active.

Manager of Programs and Event Services for the recreation department Dorothy Smith said that was a major reason. Another, she added, is because Centre Wellington had a huge turnout for the World Record Walk, when Canada set a Guinness Book of Records by beating Australia for having the most people walking one kilometre at the same time.

The organizers of the latest event want people to come out and tell them why physical activity is important to them. Residents could become part of the two groups’ next commer­cial.

The event is set up is similar to City TV’s Speakers Corner.  People simply stand in front of a camera and tell their story. Nobody is behind the camera.  Those who take part will receive their own personal CD of their moment on camera.  We need as many community members as possible to share their story. 

The Participaction booth is scheduled to arrive for set up at 8am on Aug. 20.  Interviews will begin in the booth from 10am to noon. Media are invited for photos at about. 11am. 

There will be prizes and refreshments.

Anyone with questions regard­ing this event, should call the Sportsplex at 519-843-2800 or visit Participaction at