Innovator’s achievement saluted

Councillors here want to honour one of their residents for innovation in agriculture.

At a recent meeting, Deputy Mayor Judy Dirksen noted that Lawrence Brubacher, who lives north of Harriston, recently received one of the Premier’s Agri-Food Innova­tion Excellence Awards.

She explained that Bru­bacher built an automated system for feeding his calves. Calves in Wellington County get the royal treatment by having their milk delivered right to them whenever they want it.

“It saves a lot of time and the idea may be marketed elsewhere.”

She asked that council bring Brubacher in to salute his ef­forts. “I realize it is not Sports-related, but it is pretty good in Ontario to be recognized.”

An article in the May 29 edition of The Wellington Advertiser noted that in May innovative ideas by Ontario farmers were celebrated at  a ceremony honouring local winners of the province’s regional awards.

During that ceremony, Perth-Wellington MPP John Wilkinson stated, “These innovations help to strengthen our local agri-food sector, which is such an important contributor to Ontario’s economy.

Brubacher spent several months devising an automated system that includes a heated outdoor tank and pipeline.  He knew there had to be a way to save the time it took to manually feed all his calves with buckets.

A farmer, primary producer, groups of farmers, combination of agri-food businesses or an agri-food related organization are all eligible for recognition under this initiative.

A farmer must be one of the applicants of any group.