Infrastructure dollars rack up in Wellington County over 2010

As the year draws to a close, Ontario is looking back at the successes of local infrastructure projects across the province.

Province-wide, over 700 infrastructure stimulus projects were completed in 2010, which the province says helped create jobs and boost local economies.

The projects were part of a record two-year investment of nearly $28-billion in Ontario’s infrastructure, which officials says has created over 300,000 jobs. As a result Ontarians have new roads, bridges, community centres, water infrastructure and schools.

A government News release states, “Improving Ontario’s infrastructure will ensure Ontario is strong in the long term while keeping our families working over the short term. The result is more spaces for students to learn, state-of-the-art health care facilities, and recreation centres for families to stay fit and connect with their communities.”

Minister of Infrastructure Bob Chiarelli said, “After years of infrastructure neglect, the government is helping rebuild communities, create economic prosperity and improve the quality of life for all Ontarians. We’ve come a long way – but there’s more to do.”

By March 2011, the total infrastructure investment for the province since 2005-06 is expected to total $60-billion.

Completed projects include 69 rinks and arenas, 96 gyms and recreational centres, 41 other Sports fields and courts, 79 parks, 12 fire halls, three heritage buildings, 12 libraries, 18 pools, three airports, about 290 road repairs and 14 bridges.

Local projects

Locally, provincial funding of $57,716,227 supported local projects totally $153,781,768.

Wellington County Museum and Archives

Some of these funds aided in the addition to the Wellington County Museum and Archives.

Work included construction of an 8,100 square foot facility that includes washrooms, climate controls, lighting systems, fire suppression system and safety system, barrier free entrances and a security alarm.

The overall cost of the project, split equally three ways between the county, province and Ottawa, is $4,568,400.

Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex

The Township of Centre Wellington is rehabilitating the Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex to better meet the needs of the community and user groups. The project includes repairs to ice pad A, the community hall/kitchen roof and dressing rooms.

The project is designed to improve the energy efficiency of the facility.

The roof replacement will improve insulation values for the building. Updated lighting and ice making and HVAC mechanical systems will reduce electrical and gas consumption, thereby reducing operating costs.

Improvements to washrooms and change rooms will include motion sensors to help reduce electrical consumption and sensor controlled showers, sinks, and toilets will improve water efficiencies.

Overall cost: $2,313,970.

Church Street in Elora

The Township of Centre Wellington reconstructed Church Street in Elora.

The project included full replacement and upgrading of municipal water and sanitary sewer, reconstruction of the Church Street sidewalks and installation of a storm sewer system.

Ornamental street lighting was installed as the street is in the commercial core of the village of Elora, which is a significant tourist area, while the street itself encircles the church creating a heritage feature in the heart of the community.

The construction of the rehabilitated water system and sanitary sewer system will improve water system performance.

Overall cost: $1,330,000.

Rea Bridge Replacement

The County of Wellington is replacing the Rea Bridge on Wellington Road 16 over the Irvine River.

Work included the removal of the existing bridge and the construction of a new two- lane bridge, road approaches, and landscaping.

The project improves accessibility and better accommodate current and future traffic volumes.

Overall cost: $1,863,000.

Expansion of Erin arena

Funding assisted the Town of Erin is expanding the Centre 2000 arena.

This project is a combination rehabilitation and new construction. The rehabilitation will include upgrades to the existing dressing rooms with energy/water saving fixtures such as taps and shower heads.

Lighting was replaced with energy efficient fixtures, and accessibility standards will be implemented.

The existing small storage room will be remodelled to accommodate a viewing area of the ice/floor surface that is accessible to all.

The new construction will provide for the addition of two large dressing rooms with storage, a room for the local food bank, and a storage room to house the ice resurfacer, tractor and park equipment. Public washrooms accessible from the outside park area and playing fields will also be constructed.

Overall cost: $993,250.

Reconstruction of Sideroad 5 in Erin

This project will reconstruct 5.5km of rural road, which will result in the extension of an existing collector road with connections to the urban centres of Erin and Rockwood.

This improvement will result in lower operating costs for the municipality and reduced usage of aggregate by eliminating need for bi-annual application of maintenance gravel. It will also reduce the amount of dust created, and drainage improvements will result in the elimination of standing water.

Overall cost, $950,000

Hillsburgh street  rehabilitation

This project will reconstruct the streets within the hamlet of Hillsburgh to improve drainage and enhance the safety and quality of life of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

Overall cost, $860,000

Deer Pit stormwater facility

The Town of Erin constructed the Deer Pit stormwater facility. This project will create an engineered stormwater management facility complete with an outfall trunk sewer. The storm water facility will service the northeast quadrant of the former Village of Erin, the adjacent rural area as well as the industrial subdivision.

The storm water management facility is intended to eliminate the possibility of flooding to neighbouring residential developments and recreational facilities, minimize the amount of standing water, provide quality treatment of storm water runoff, and attenuate storm water peak flows, thereby reducing downstream flooding and erosion potential.

Overall estimated cost: $1,210,000.

Improvements to Rockmosa playground

The Township of Guelph-Eramosa is improving the Rockmosa playground.

To support the large number of children drawn to the immediate area by the popularity of the nearby splash pad, new playground equipment and rubber ground surfacing is being installed, providing an entertaining setting for children and increasing the utilization of the park and playground.

Overall cost, $38,271.

Marden Park recreation facility

The Township of Guelph-Eramosa constructed the Marden Park recreation facility.

This project will include the construction of a 50,000 sq. ft. indoor recreational facility that will house a 210’ x 120’ artificial turf surface. This turf surface will have the capacity to be divided into three 70’x120’ fields by means of separation curtains. This separation will triple the capacity of field use while allowing functional play.

This facility will also offer a 775’ four lane low impact track. Additionally, an attached amenity area will offer a multi-functional room that can be utilized for game tape review, as a registration room or to study the theory of sport. The building will also house office space and washroom facilities that will be accessible from the exterior and interior of the building. A lighted, regulation-size natural turf football field and associated paved parking and facility entrance will also be constructed.

This project will allow for year-round play.

Overall cost: $6,199,551

Drayton wastewater treatment plant upgrades

The Township of Mapleton is upgrading the Drayton waste water treatment plant.

Work will include construction of a new storage cell and installation of an aeration system in the existing primary lagoon cell.

The new storage cell will increase the total storage capacity at the plant, and the installation of aeration in the primary cell will improve the plant treatment capabilities

Overall cost: $1,675,400.

Improvements to Drayton ball park

The Township of Mapleton is improving Drayton Ball Park.

This project will remove and replace the base line fencing, increasing the fence height.

Overall cost $7,384.

Construction of a community hall in Alma

The Township of Mapleton is constructing a new community hall in the community of Alma.

Project works include the construction of a 7382 square foot building which would contain a hall, meeting rooms, a kitchen, accessible washroom and storage area, as well as the construction of a paved parking lot.

The new hall will be constructed as an environmentally conscious building. The use of green technology will help reduce energy usage.

Overall cost: $1,561,700.

Rehabilitation of the Palmerston Lions Park brownfield

The Town of Minto is rehabilitating the Palmerston Lions Park brownfield for use as a park.

This project will include the construction of a storm water collection system and a stormwater retention pond, and grading of the site to the sub-grade level.

This project will remove the presence of historic railroad operations conducted at the site. In addition, the project will preserve and enhance the significant historical features already part of the Park.

Overall cost: $950,000.

Harriston community centre upgrades

The Town of Minto is upgrading the Harriston community centre.

Upgrades will include an HP compressor, a 130 ton condenser, a 50 ton curling chiller, a 20 HP brine pump, an auditorium roof top heating/cooling unit, a furnace for the curling club lounge, a 100 gallon hot water heater for the arena dressing rooms, a 40 gallon hot water heater for the lobby, 3 arena event furnaces, arena kitchen ventilation fans, and a commercial gas kitchen stove.

Overall cost: $187,000.

Harriston sewage collection and treatment system upgrades

The Town of Minto is upgrading its sewage collection and treatment system.

The work includes the installation of larger capacity pumps at the William Street SPS; the provision of a pumped bypass at the William Street SPS; construction of a parallel force main from the William St SPS to the STP; replacement of the existing force main and sewer downstream of the Young Street SPS with a larger diameter force main; replacement of sanitary sewers within Mill, Livingston and William Streets; and, the replacement of the aeration system at the Harriston STP.

Overall, these improvements will improve the reliability of the facility and will result in energy savings.

Overall cost: $1,913,000.

Rehabilitation of Puslinch tennis courts

The Township of Puslinch is rehabilitating the Puslinch tennis courts.

Improvements will create a uniform and textured surface, providing a renewed seasonal tennis playing opportunity for the community and will enhancing the beautification of the courts and park.

Overall cost: $30,910.

Township storage building

The Township of Puslinch is constructing a township storage building.

The new 40-foot by 100-foot detached storage building will house municipally owned equipment and materials. The new structure will also be ofadequate size to safely store equipment and materials in an orderly manner for parks and recreation, the fire department and the public works department.

Overall cost: $495,999.

Puslinch multi-use recreational facility

The Township of Puslinch constructed a multi-use recreation facility.

The facility is a 14,000 square foot arena and community Pavilion located in the existing Puslinch Community Centre Park, the centerpiece of indoor-outdoor recreation for the residents of the Township of Puslinch.

The Park presently has parking for 200 cars, a baseball diamond, soccer pitch, equestrian exercise arena, library and community centre. The site and building are designed to accommodate future expansion and all elements of the long term civic recreation plan.

The new building will round out the existing facilities by supplying a 60 ft. x130 ft. covered in artificial ice surface. The building will supply a facility to house community events with adequate washrooms and meeting room facilities.

Overall cost: $2,148,983.

Cork Street sewage pumping station

The Township of Wellington North is replacing the Cork Street sewage pumping station.

The station will be rebuilt in its entirety approximately 80m south of the existing facility. Construction will include a new larger capacity wet well, new pumps each rated for 67.1L/s, a diesel generator for standby power housed in a new control building, and all associated site and electrical works. The station will be relocated to allow the existing station to continue operation while the new station is constructed.

New equipment installed under this project will be more energy efficient compared to the existing equipment and the use of variable frequency drives will reduce energy consumption.

Overall cost: $1,800,000.

Mount Forest Durham sewage pumping station and discharge force main

The Township of Wellington North is reconstructing the Durham Street sewage pumping station as well as its discharge force main and outlet sewer on Normanby Street in Mount Forest.

This project will improve the performance of the system, reduce energy consumption, and improve flow rates. Additionally, the additional pumping capacity will allow residential and industrial growth to continue in its service area.

Overall cost: $4,149,000.

Upgrades to Egremont Street water system and sanitary sewer

The Township of Wellington North is upgrading the Egremont Street Water System and Sanitary Sewer in Mount Forest.

Improvements will be made to the infrastructure including the road, storm drainage (trunk storm sewer-Birmingham Street), sanitary sewer and water distribution system on Egremont Street.

These upgrades will increase the flow, pressure and capacity of the system.

Overall cost: $3,125,000.

Upgrading of Arthur and Area Community Centre

The Township of Wellington North is rehabilitating the Arthur and Area Community Centre.

This project includes: installation of an elevator from the main floor to provide accessibility to the community hall on the second level; installation of new low-maintenance flooring in the community hall; regrading and paving of the parking lot and the main entry to the Community Centre to permit barrier free access.

Overall cost: $649,650.