Hutter suggests corporate sponsorship is key in developing local recreation facilities

ABERFOYLE – Business plans need to be developed for Puslinch athletic facilities, says resident Joseph Hutter.

On April 3, Hutter addressed township councillors regarding what he considers a lack of economic development in the township.

Hutter said he read a story in the Wellington Advertiser regarding the development of the Aberfoyle soccer field behind the Puslinch Community Centre.

Instead of scaling the plan back to simply a soccer field, Hutter suggested consideration of a business plan to make the park a sustainable source of revenue.

Hutter said the park could accommodate additional uses, including car dealership tent sales, a mini ribfest, pork and chicken festivals and a much better Aberfoyle Fall Fair.

Hutter agreed such a move would require someone, preferably in the Puslinch economic development department, to contact sponsors and promote events.

Hutter then noted many of the major sports facilities in the GTA have some type of corporate sponsorship for naming rights.

He asked council if anyone had contacted local companies that might be interested in sponsoring development of the park/soccer field in exchange for naming rights … such as Linamar Memorial Park, or Nestlé Waters Memorial Park.

“The fundamental issue is that there are opportunities for generating revenue and the cost of development,” Hutter said.

He added other uses for the property do not have to interfere with existing recreational uses.

Hutter then noted the electronic display sign in front of the Puslinch Community Centre. He asked “why are we not selling advertisements on it?”

Hutter believed considerable money could be raised by allowing commercial advertisements.

At a rate of $500 per month per advertiser, Hutter said 20 companies using the sign would generate enough money to pay for the current proposed costs for a soccer field within five years.

Hutter suggested there are a number of high profile business people who would not mind supporting the park – if asked – “especially since it involves kids.” He added “the issue is that nothing will get done, unless we reach out and actually contact them.”

Hutter was invited to speak at a future meeting.