Horticultural Society hears about lilies

The Harriston & District Horticultural Society hear all about “Lilies” the orchid of perennials at the September meeting.

Brian Bergman of Toronto, with his slides and descriptions of all his asiaties and other hybrid lilies.

He rents two acres of land and grows 20,000 varieties. Bulbs should be planted 8-10” deep in sandy or well drained soil. They do not require full sun.

The flowers should not be cut but the seed pods can be harvested to start new plants, which will take up to three years to flower.

We have a red lily beetle eating one of our lilies; they can be picked or sprayed.

To prevent then from returning, put coffee grinds at the base of the plant.

President Marge gave us the joke of the day, the appreciation barbeque was held for volunteers on Sept. 22 at the Town Hall offices.

Door prize draws were made. The meeting was adjourned, after which we enjoyed a delicious lunch and social time.