Horse survey to develop equine friendly business climate

Equine enthusiasts and business professionals alike may have reason to call 2012 The Year of the Horse.

Erin town council are looking for opinions. If anyone is active in the horse industry, as a recreational enthusiast or professional, the Erin Equine Task Force wants hear from them.

Responses will be used for to design to achieve a “horse-friendly” business climate for years to come.

“There are other communities in the U.S. and Canada that have strategically built their community around horses, giving a real boost to the local equine industry, as well as the local economy,” according to Brian Gentles, one of the project’s coordinators.

“We’d like to do the same in Erin. Our approach is one-on-one interviews with people personally or professionally involved in equine or equine-related activities.”

It is modelled on the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs business retention and expansion program.  Not only does the process provide for development of a long range plan for the community but it also yields some short-range tangible results.

What’s unique about the Erin approach is it is the first time it is being applied specifically to the equine industry.  Those interested can become part of the trailblazing team that will carve out a new future for equine enthusiasts in Erin.

For more information, send a name and email address to Connie Cox (