Horse breeder wins at Royal Winter Fair

Kirsten Brunner, owner of Beaverwood Farm in Hillsburgh, brought a number of her home-bred horses to the Royal Winter Fair this year – with good success.

Two of her horses, Beaver­woods Juniper and Beaver­woods Saphire, are father and daughter. Brunner was first in North America sportpony, 3 and over, with Beaverwoods Juniper.

Juniper was also ridden in the suitability hunter and dress­age classes, where he placed third. Beaverwoods Juniper is one of Brunner’s stallions. 

Juniper’s daughter, Saphire placed first in North America sportpony mare, 3 and over.  Beaverwoods Saphire was also overall Grand Champion, and Star Search Champion. 

Brunner said, “What is most exciting for me is that Saphire is the daughter of Juniper.  They are the result of over four generations of careful breeding here at Beaverwood. I’m very excited to have garnered this prestigious award for Sport­pony Breeders here in North America.”

Brunner’s young stallion, Beaverwoods Kingfisher, and her pony mare, Beaverwoods Cinnamon, were first in Get of Sire, in their Welsh Line classes.

Brunner also drove Beaver­woods Puffyn, another of her Welsh pony mares, placing fourth and fifth. Along with her breeding program, Brunner boards, trains driving and rid­ing horses, and teaches driving and riding, starting children at the age of 4.  Visit the web site or call Brunner at 519-833-7169.