Home show reminds us this community is special

Despite some smack-talk at the Fergus Lions Home and Leisure Show last week, I do know that you do not milk a cow by pumping its tail. But I’m still laughing at the farmers who took up a good portion of my Friday night at the Wellington Advertiser booth trying to convince me otherwise. 

I enjoy talking to farmers because they love what they do, and I enjoyed standing in our company booth at the home show remembering why I love what I do too. This is my home.

Sure, that sounds cliché, but my work is centered on community. 

I assure you I couldn’t do what I do where I do it if I didn’t care about where I live. I’ve called Wellington County home for twenty-one years now. My two nights at the Home Show reminded me why. I saw familiar faces I haven’t seen in two years, some since the last home show. 

It was nice to be reminded of the good people around me.  

I met generations of families who toured the show together. I met former colleagues and caught up on career changes, saw people I knew from my hockey parent days, volunteer placements, my kid’s former schools, neighbours, people who worked for the newspaper once upon a time, and an enthusiastic family that delivers the newspaper for us every week.

I had incredible conversations with total strangers who shared a likeminded sense of supporting the community. We talked about local news, events, how we all fared through the pandemic, community members we’ve lost recently, and a shared sense that life is moving on, talking about summer plans. People were optimistic. Smiles. Bright eyes. Laughter. I had forgotten that this is who we are. 

This is who we are. Resilient. Proud of where we live. 

I figure this was the 11th Home Show I’ve participated in. Full disclosure: my father is a Fergus Lion on the committee that coordinates this event, so it matters to me to support this event. 

It also matters to me that people respect the hours of dedication it takes for the Fergus Lions to bring the show together, all of them volunteers, most of them seniors who put in countless hours to serve their community. 

The show is a vital fundraiser for the club. Supporting this event is a significant way to support them and our community because everything our service clubs across Wellington County do is for our respective communities. We need these service clubs to thrive.  

That means we need to support the businesses that support them. I made a few trips around the home show, touring booths, making connections and learning about services, some that I have already reached out to for quotes or services. 

This year, I recognized the names of many of these businesses based on their support of non-profit organizations here, such as donations to fundraising events. It was another reminder to support local businesses that are rooted in our community.

I’m grateful for the reminder of the good things that happen here and the good people that set them in motion. That’s hometown pride. Maybe next year, I’ll get an invite to visit the cows in person. Either way, let’s do this all again soon. 

WriteOut of Her Mind