Hitching project would enhance parking for Harriston

There’s a hitch involved – but in this case that’s a good thing.

Minto council recently re­viewed the public works committee recommendation that a hitching post and cover be located in the north end of the Mill Street parking (west of its current location), in Harriston.

The town will contribute $5,000 from its economic de­velopment budget to be used for materials. Additional costs would be the responsibility of the Mennonite and Am­ish community. Further, the resolution stated the materials for the project be purchased in Minto.

The resolution noted that the ongoing cleanup of manure will be the responsibility of the owners of the Evergreen Variety. As council reviewed the matter, Mayor David Anderson asked if there was discussion with the neighbours about where the proposed hitching post would be built.

While there was talk that the next door neighbours are aware something was happening, Anderson wanted to ensure someone has actually spoken with them.

Councillor David Turton said he had, and that he, Clerk Barb Wilson and Director of Public Works Norm Fisk travelled to Mount Forest to view a covered hitching post in that community. It was in the pharmacy parking lot.

“It’s a very nice building and has a roof.” He noted it was built by the property owners. Turton also visited a couple of similar structures in St. Jacobs, one of which was substantially larger.

He is uncertain where the request originated, but he was a member of the committee to look into it. Also reviewed were potential locations for the hitching post and cover.

He noted that currently the hitching post is right next to the Maitland River … but he did not believe the MVCA favours that location.

“That was one of the reasons why we decided to move it, because we were told we couldn’t leave it where it was,” Turton said. “

The motion carried.