Historical submissions sought by society

Have you ever thought of writing something historical?

The publications committee of the Wellington County Historical Society thinks you can. And, they hope you will, because the committee is always looking for articles for its annual Wellington County History publication.

The committee recognizes that for most people the notion of rooting around attics, snooping through old buildings or visiting the Wellington County Archives searching for clues, and then putting pen to paper, may seem a bit beyond them.

Not so, says committee chair Helen Aitken.

“The articles that appear in Wellington County History are carefully researched and well-crafted,” said Aitken.

“They run the gamut from the scholarly to the anecdotal, and both make for interesting reading by a pretty broad audience.”

Though many articles deal with war, famous and notorious people, county settlement and the like – many more deal with daily life as it used to be lived.

And they make for great reading, society officials say.

“It’s history with a small h,” the group states.

“It’s close and it’s personal and it’s vitally important to examine and record it for present and future generations.”

The historical society’s publications committee plans to offer a seminar in March to help people get started. Details of the seminar will be announced in the new year.

Aitken encourages those with submissions to contact her at Aitken.helen@gmail.com.